OpenBSD tech archive

  • big problems on i386, David Mazieres
  • No all in MAKEDEV, David Mazieres
  • recent changes, Theo de Raadt
  • ypserv?, Chuck Cranor
  • Bounce buffers, David Brownlee
  • What's the plan ?, Peter Galbavy
  • a very simple, stupid rfork test, Ron G. Minnich
  • ypserv, Chuck Cranor
  • Help with config, Michael Blandford
  • why is there a call to abort() at line 402 of lib/libc/net/rcmd.c ???, OpenBSD Mailing List
  • re: abort() in rcmd.c, OpenBSD Mailing List
  • sendmail 8.7.3, David Mazieres
  • {t,p}tyr* problems (>32 ptys), David
  • make install DESTDIR=/not/root/directory, David Mazieres
  • Re: Multiple SCSI devices uder OpenBSD/sparc, David
  • Makefile.bsd-wrapper CFLAGS, David
  • Problems compiling gcc on OpenBSD/sparc, David
  • Re: {t,p}tyr* problems (solved), David
  • /dev/rst0 dangerous default for mt, David Mazieres
  • cvs busted?, Eric S. Hvozda

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