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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	drahn_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2009/05/07 21:13:27

Added files:
	sys/arch/beagle/beagle: ahb.c ahb.h autoconf.c beagle_machdep.c 
	sys/arch/beagle/compile: .cvsignore 
	sys/arch/beagle/conf: Makefile.beagle RAMDISK files.beagle 
	sys/arch/beagle/dev: gptimer.c intc.c intc.h omap_com.c 
	                     omdisplay.c omdog.c omgpio.c omgpiovar.h 
	                     omohci.c prcm.c prcmvar.h 
	sys/arch/beagle/include: _types.h apmvar.h asm.h atomic.h 
	                         beagle_intr.h bootconfig.h bus.h 
	                         cdefs.h conf.h cpu.h db_machdep.h 
	                         disklabel.h elf_abi.h endian.h exec.h 
	                         float.h fp.h frame.h ieee.h ieeefp.h 
	                         internal_types.h intr.h irqhandler.h 
	                         isa_machdep.h limits.h 
	                         loadfile_machdep.h lock.h machine_reg.h 
	                         math.h mutex.h param.h pcb.h pio.h 
	                         pmap.h proc.h profile.h psl.h ptrace.h 
	                         reg.h reloc.h rtc.h setjmp.h signal.h 
	                         spinlock.h stdarg.h sysarch.h trap.h 
	                         types.h vmparam.h 

Log message:
Initial effort on a port to the omap35xx platform specifically beagleboard,
however other omap system may be supportable. Not functional until armv7
core changes are complete.