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Log message:
There are a bunch of switch, router, unix and linux vendors(*) who
build OpenSSH into their products as a critical component (ie. imagine
a cisco router without ssh... remember telnet?).  Some of these
vendors have ignored our requests for donations for more than 5 years.
Sometimes there has been some red tape, but it has always been their
red tape.

The OpenSSH product has been 100% funded by end-users, except for a
very small handful of kind contributions by, shall we call them,
"larger end-users".

>From now on, we will list a selection of those vendors on the main web
page.  Maybe that will help the good-meaning people inside those
vendors who are trying to do the right thing find an easier way to cut
through the red tape.

Helping OpenSSH helps OpenBSD; helping OpenBSD means more hackathons;
more hackathons means helping all the other Open* and driver and
whatever projects, many of which are now being looked at by commercial
projects to see how well designed daemons can be written.  This is all
good, and everyone should be part of it.  For instance, look at all
the wireless drivers in Solaris.  All these things are tied together.
Helping OpenBSD means helping OpenSSH, which means helping yourself.
Imagine the modern ISP's surrounding you, if it were not for OpenSSH.
What major ISP has ever given a dime to help this stuff grow?  None.
No, instead they make it hard for us to even get bandwidth...

(*) bunch of vendors as in, "almost everyone besides Microsoft"