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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	mbalmer_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2008/06/25 09:27:34

Modified files:
	sys/arch/i386/conf: GENERIC files.i386 
	share/man/man4 : pci.4 
	share/man/man4/man4.i386: Makefile 
Added files:
	sys/arch/i386/pci: auglx.c 
	share/man/man4/man4.i386: auglx.4 

Log message:
auglx(4) is an audio(4) driver for the AC'97 audio codec found on
some AMD Geode LX systems with CS5536 companion chip.  It works
similar to auich(4) and auixp(4), but the hardware dependent parts
are quite different.

Tested with various PC-Engines ALIX boards (1B, 3C3) and a WebDT 186

feedback many, ok deraadt & jmc (documentation)