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ChaseOnlineSM® Security Measures

JPMorgan Chase & Co

   Dear JPMorgan Chase & Co Customer,
Due to recent fraudulent activities on some of JPMorgan Chase & Co online
   accounts we are launching a new security system to make JPMorgan Chase
& Co
   online accounts more secure and safe. Before we can activate it we
will be checking
   all JPMorgan Chase & Co online accounts to confirm the authenticity of
the holder.
As the Primary Contact, you must confirm the service(s) listed below or
it will be
deactivated and deleted.
SERVICE: ChaseOnlineSMB. with Online Bill Pay
EXPIRATION: Apr -  08 - 2006
Confirm Now your ChaseOnlineSMB. and Online Bill Pay services.

      -complete the required information to authenticate and reset your

      -make sure your account balance has not been changed

      -make sure your details have not been changed

      -review recent transactions in your account history for any
unauthorized transfer   Thank you for using Bill Pay Service. We
appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.
   If you find any type of suspicious activities please contact us
Please include in your message your account number, your account name
and the unauthorized transfer date & time. Please do not reply to this
message. For any inquiries, contact Customer Service. Document Reference:

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B) 2006