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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	deraadt_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2004/04/15 12:39:30

Modified files:
	sbin/isakmpd   : app.c app.h attribute.c attribute.h cert.c 
	                 cert.h conf.c conf.h connection.c connection.h 
	                 constants.c constants.h cookie.c cookie.h 
	                 crypto.c crypto.h dh.c dh.h dnssec.c dnssec.h 
	                 doi.c doi.h exchange.h field.c field.h 
	                 genconstants.sh genfields.sh gmp_util.c 
	                 gmp_util.h hash.c hash.h if.c if.h 
	                 ike_aggressive.c ike_aggressive.h ike_auth.c 
	                 ike_auth.h ike_main_mode.c ike_main_mode.h 
	                 ike_phase_1.c ike_phase_1.h ike_quick_mode.c 
	                 ike_quick_mode.h init.c init.h ipsec.c ipsec.h 
	                 ipsec_doi.h isakmp.h isakmp_cfg.c isakmp_cfg.h 
	                 isakmp_doi.c isakmp_doi.h isakmpd.c key.c key.h 
	                 libcrypto.c libcrypto.h log.c log.h math_2n.c 
	                 math_2n.h math_ec2n.c math_ec2n.h math_group.c 
	                 math_group.h math_mp.h message.c message.h 
	                 monitor.c monitor.h monitor_fdpass.c 
	                 pf_key_v2.c pf_key_v2.h policy.c policy.h prf.c 
	                 prf.h sa.c sa.h sysdep.h timer.c timer.h 
	                 transport.c transport.h udp.c udp.h ui.c ui.h 
	                 util.c util.h x509.c x509.h 
	sbin/isakmpd/sysdep/openbsd: keynote_compat.c sysdep.c 

Log message:
partial move to KNF.  More to come.  This has happened because there
are a raft of source code auditors who are willing to help improve this
code only if this is done, and hey, isakmpd does need our standard
auditing process.  ok ho hshoexer