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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	niklas_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2004/02/19 03:51:30

Modified files:
	sys/adosfs     : Tag: SMP adosfs.h adutil.c advfsops.c advnops.c 
	sys/altq       : Tag: SMP altq_cbq.c altq_cbq.h altq_hfsc.c 
	                 altq_hfsc.h altq_priq.c altq_priq.h 
	                 altq_rmclass.c altq_rmclass.h altq_subr.c 
	sys/compat/bsdos: Tag: SMP bsdos_ioctl.c bsdos_ioctl.h 
	                  bsdos_syscall.h bsdos_syscallargs.h 
	                  bsdos_syscalls.c bsdos_sysent.c 
	sys/compat/common: Tag: SMP Makefile compat_dir.c compat_vm.c 
	                   kern_info_09.c kern_info_43.c 
	sys/compat/freebsd: Tag: SMP freebsd_file.c freebsd_syscall.h 
	                    freebsd_syscallargs.h freebsd_syscalls.c 
	                    freebsd_sysent.c syscalls.master 
	sys/compat/hpux: Tag: SMP hpux_compat.c hpux_file.c 
	sys/compat/ibcs2: Tag: SMP ibcs2_exec.c ibcs2_misc.c 
	sys/compat/linux: Tag: SMP linux_dummy.c linux_error.c 
	                  linux_exec.c linux_file.c linux_file64.c 
	                  linux_ioctl.c linux_ipc.c linux_misc.c 
	                  linux_misc.h linux_socket.c linux_syscall.h 
	                  linux_syscallargs.h linux_syscalls.c 
	                  linux_sysent.c syscalls.master 
	sys/compat/netbsd: Tag: SMP netbsd_file.c netbsd_signal.c 
	                   netbsd_signal.h netbsd_stat.c 
	                   netbsd_syscall.h netbsd_syscallargs.h 
	                   netbsd_syscalls.c netbsd_sysent.c 
	sys/compat/osf1: Tag: SMP osf1_prot.c 
	sys/compat/sunos: Tag: SMP sunos_ioctl.c sunos_misc.c 
	sys/compat/svr4: Tag: SMP svr4_misc.c svr4_net.c svr4_stat.c 
	sys/compat/ultrix: Tag: SMP ultrix_ioctl.c 
	sys/conf       : Tag: SMP GENERIC files newvers.sh param.c 
	sys/crypto     : Tag: SMP criov.c cryptodev.c cryptodev.h 
	                 cryptosoft.c rijndael.c rijndael.h rmd160.c 
	                 xform.c xform.h 
Added files:
	sys/compat/aout: Tag: SMP compat_aout.c files.aout 
	sys/compat/linux: Tag: SMP linux_emuldata.h 
	sys/crypto     : Tag: SMP arc4.c arc4.h sha2.c sha2.h 

Log message:
Merge of current from two weeks agointo the SMP branch

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