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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	henning_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2003/12/05 09:55:40

Modified files:
	regress/sbin/pfctl: Makefile pf13.in pf13.loaded pf13.ok pf15.in 
	                    pf15.loaded pf15.ok pf16.in pf16.loaded 
	                    pf16.ok pf17.in pf17.loaded pf17.ok pf18.in 
	                    pf18.loaded pf18.ok pf19.in pf19.loaded 
	                    pf19.ok pf2.in pf2.loaded pf2.ok pf20.in 
	                    pf20.loaded pf20.ok pf37.in pf37.ok pf38.in 
	                    pf38.loaded pf38.ok pf58.in pf58.ok pf59.in 
	                    pf59.ok pf64.in pf64.ok pf67.in pf67.loaded 
	                    pf67.ok pf68.in pf68.loaded pf68.ok pf7.in 
	                    pf7.loaded pf7.ok pf73.in pf73.loaded 
	                    pf73.ok pf8.in pf8.loaded pf8.ok pf83.in 
	                    pf9.in pf9.loaded pf9.ok pfail10.in 
	                    pfail10.ok pfail23.in pfail30.in pfail32.ok 
	                    pfail33.ok pfail34.ok pfail8.in pfail9.in 
	                    pfail9.ok pfaltq1.in pfaltq1.ok pfaltq10.in 
	                    pfaltq10.ok pfaltq11.in pfaltq11.ok 
	                    pfaltq2.in pfaltq2.ok pfaltq3.in pfaltq3.ok 
	                    pfaltq4.in pfaltq4.ok pfaltq7.in pfaltq7.ok 
	                    pfaltq8.in pfaltq8.ok pfaltq9.in pfaltq9.ok 
	                    pfsetup1.clean pfsetup1.in pfsetup1.setup 
	                    pfsetup2.clean pfsetup2.in pfsetup2.ok 
	                    pfsetup2.setup pfsetup3.clean pfsetup3.in 
	                    pfsetup3.ok pfsetup3.setup pfsetup4.clean 
	                    pfsetup4.in pfsetup4.ok pfsetup4.setup 

Log message:
lo1, tun0, tun1 don't exist any more. thus, create the interfaces we need for
regress purposes before starting and destroy them afterwards.
lo1 -> lo1000000
tun0 -> tun1000000
tun1 -> tun1000001

ok markus@