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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	jmc_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2003/10/21 12:58:50

Modified files:
	sys/dev/ic     : aacvar.h advlib.c advmcode.c adw.c adwlib.c 
	                 aic6360.c aic7xxx.c aic7xxx.h aic7xxx_inline.h 
	                 aic7xxx_openbsd.c aic7xxx_openbsd.h am7990reg.h 
	                 am79c930reg.h an.c anreg.h anvar.h awivar.h 
	                 bha.c bhareg.h cd1190reg.h dc.c dc21040reg.h 
	                 dcreg.h dp8390reg.h dp8390var.h dpt.c elink3.c 
	                 elink3reg.h fxp.c fxpreg.h gemreg.h gemvar.h 
	                 hmereg.h i82586reg.h i82595reg.h i82596.c 
	                 i82596var.h i82802reg.h if_wi.c if_wi_hostap.h 
	                 if_wi_ieee.h if_wireg.h iha.c iha.h isp.c 
	                 isp_openbsd.c isp_target.c isp_tpublic.h 
	                 ispreg.h lemac.c lemacreg.h lemacvar.h 
	                 mb86960reg.h mc146818reg.h mc6845.h midway.c 
	                 midwayreg.h midwayvar.h mtd8xx.c mtd8xxreg.h 
	                 mtd8xxvar.h ncr5380sbc.c ncr5380var.h 
	                 ncr53c9x.c ncr53c9xreg.h ncr53c9xvar.h ne2000.c 
	                 nslm7xvar.h opl.c osiop.c osiopreg.h osiopvar.h 
	                 pckbc.c rtl80x9reg.h rtl81x9.c siop.c siopreg.h 
	                 siopvar.h siopvar_common.h smc90cx6.c 
	                 smc91cxx.c sti.c tc921x.c tc921x.h tcic2.c 
	                 tcic2reg.h trm.c tropic.c tropicreg.h wdc.c 
	                 wdcvar.h xl.c xlreg.h z8530reg.h 

Log message:
typos from Tom Cosgrove;

Tom: I did not commit a couple of your changes.

i did not include some punctuation fixes (full stops, etc.)
mnemorable -> mnemonic: i decided memorable was probably better
instrunctions -> instruction: i kept the plural

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