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Re: CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Only types.h was supposed to be committed.  The other files
have administratively had the bogus revision removed.

 - todd

In message <200308192342_(_dot_)_h7JNgk0I006600_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org>
	so spake "Todd C. Miller" (millert):

> CVSROOT:	/cvs
> Module name:	src
> Changes by:	millert_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2003/08/19 17:42:46
> Modified files:
> 	sys/sys        : file.h ioctl.h kthread.h reboot.h signal.h 
> 	                 socket.h syscall.h syscallargs.h syslog.h 
> 	                 systm.h tty.h types.h 
> Log message:
> Crank FD_SETSIZE from 256 to 1024 by default.  Almost all users of
> static fd_set have been changed to be dynamic or to use poll.
> Note that some libraries in ports (specifically gtk) will complain
> if clients are built with a different FD_SETSIZE from the library.
> deraadt@ OK.

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