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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	millert_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2003/06/02 21:01:42

Modified files:
	games/adventure: adventure.6 crc.c done.c hdr.h init.c io.c 
	                 main.c save.c setup.c subr.c vocab.c wizard.c 
	games/arithmetic: arithmetic.6 arithmetic.c 
	games/atc      : atc.6 def.h extern.c extern.h grammar.y 
	                 graphics.c include.h input.c lex.l list.c log.c 
	                 main.c pathnames.h struct.h update.c 
	games/backgammon/backgammon: backgammon.6 extra.c main.c move.c 
	games/backgammon/common_source: allow.c back.h board.c check.c 
	                                fancy.c init.c odds.c one.c 
	                                save.c subs.c table.c 
	games/backgammon/teachgammon: data.c teach.c ttext1.c ttext2.c 
	                              tutor.c tutor.h 
	games/banner   : banner.6 banner.c 
	games/battlestar: battlestar.6 battlestar.c com1.c com2.c com3.c 
	                  com4.c com5.c com6.c com7.c cypher.c dayfile.c 
	                  dayobjs.c extern.h fly.c getcom.c globals.c 
	                  init.c misc.c nightfile.c nightobjs.c parse.c 
	                  pathnames.h room.c save.c words.c 
	games/bcd      : bcd.6 bcd.c 
	games/boggle/boggle: bog.c bog.h boggle.6 extern.h help.c mach.c 
	                     prtable.c timer.c word.c 
	games/boggle/mkdict: mkdict.c 
	games/boggle/mkindex: mkindex.c 
	games/caesar   : caesar.6 caesar.c 
	games/canfield/canfield: canfield.6 canfield.c pathnames.h 
	games/canfield/cfscores: cfscores.c 
	games/cribbage : cards.c crib.c cribbage.6 cribbage.h cribcur.h 
	                 deck.h extern.c instr.c io.c pathnames.h 
	                 score.c support.c 
	games/factor   : factor.6 factor.c 
	games/fish     : fish.6 fish.c pathnames.h 
	games/fortune/fortune: fortune.6 fortune.c pathnames.h 
	games/fortune/strfile: strfile.8 strfile.c strfile.h 
	games/fortune/unstr: unstr.c 
	games/gomoku   : bdinit.c bdisp.c gomoku.6 gomoku.h main.c 
	                 makemove.c pickmove.c stoc.c 
	games/hack     : hack.tty.c pathnames.h 
	games/hangman  : endgame.c extern.c getguess.c getword.c 
	                 hangman.6 hangman.h main.c pathnames.h 
	                 playgame.c prdata.c prman.c prword.c setup.c 
	games/mille    : comp.c end.c extern.c init.c mille.6 mille.c 
	                 mille.h misc.c move.c print.c roll.c save.c 
	                 types.c varpush.c 
	games/monop    : brd.dat cards.c deck.h execute.c getinp.c 
	                 houses.c initdeck.c jail.c misc.c mon.dat 
	                 monop.6 monop.c monop.def monop.ext monop.h 
	                 morg.c pathnames.h print.c prop.c prop.dat 
	                 rent.c roll.c spec.c trade.c 
	games/morse    : morse.c 
	games/number   : number.6 number.c 
	games/phantasia: pathnames.h 
	games/pig      : pig.6 pig.c 
	games/pom      : pom.6 pom.c 
	games/ppt      : ppt.c 
	games/primes   : pattern.c pr_tbl.c primes.c primes.h 
	games/quiz     : pathnames.h quiz.6 quiz.c quiz.h rxp.c 
	games/rain     : rain.6 rain.c 
	games/random   : random.6 random.c 
	games/robots   : extern.c init_field.c main.c make_level.c 
	                 move.c move_robs.c pathnames.h play_level.c 
	                 query.c rnd_pos.c robots.6 robots.h score.c 
	games/rogue    : hit.c init.c inventory.c level.c machdep.c 
	                 main.c message.c monster.c move.c object.c 
	                 pack.c pathnames.h play.c random.c ring.c 
	                 rogue.6 rogue.h room.c save.c score.c 
	                 spec_hit.c throw.c trap.c use.c zap.c 
	games/rogue/USD.doc: rogue.me 
	games/sail     : assorted.c dr_1.c dr_2.c dr_3.c dr_4.c dr_5.c 
	                 dr_main.c driver.h extern.h game.c globals.c 
	                 lo_main.c machdep.h main.c misc.c parties.c 
	                 pathnames.h pl_1.c pl_2.c pl_3.c pl_4.c pl_5.c 
	                 pl_6.c pl_7.c pl_main.c player.h sail.6 sync.c 
	games/snake    : pathnames.h snake.6 snake.c snscore.c 
	games/tetris   : input.c input.h pathnames.h scores.c scores.h 
	                 screen.c screen.h shapes.c tetris.6 tetris.c 
	games/trek     : abandon.c attack.c autover.c capture.c 
	                 check_out.c checkcond.c compkl.c computer.c 
	                 damage.c damaged.c dcrept.c destruct.c dock.c 
	                 dumpgame.c dumpme.c dumpssradio.c events.c 
	                 externs.c getcodi.c getpar.c getpar.h help.c 
	                 impulse.c initquad.c kill.c klmove.c lose.c 
	                 lrscan.c main.c move.c nova.c out.c phaser.c 
	                 play.c ram.c ranf.c rest.c schedule.c score.c 
	                 setup.c setwarp.c shield.c snova.c srscan.c 
	                 systemname.c torped.c trek.6 trek.h visual.c 
	                 warp.c win.c 
	games/trek/USD.doc: trek.me 
	games/wargames : wargames.sh 
	games/worm     : worm.6 worm.c 
	games/worms    : worms.6 worms.c 
	games/wump     : pathnames.h wump.6 wump.c 

Log message:
Remove the advertising clause in the UCB license which Berkeley
rescinded 22 July 1999.  Proofed by myself and Theo.