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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: www

Module name:	www
Changes by:	jsyn_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2002/06/17 19:44:06

Modified files:
	.              : 21.html 22.html 23.html 24.html 25.html 26.html 
	                 27.html 28.html 29.html 30.html 31.html 
	                 alpha.html announce28.html anoncvs.html 
	                 art.html art1.html art2.html art3.html 
	                 audio-port.html checklist.html cvsup.html 
	                 docum.html donations.html errata.html 
	                 errata21.html errata22.html errata23.html 
	                 errata24.html errata25.html errata26.html 
	                 errata27.html errata28.html errata29.html 
	                 errata30.html events.html ftp.html goals.html 
	                 groups.html i386-laptop.html i386.html 
	                 items.html lyrics.html macppc.html mail.html 
	                 mvme68k.html mvme88k.html orders.html 
	                 pkg-stable.html pkg-stable28.html 
	                 pkg-stable29.html pkg-stable30.html plat.html 
	                 plus.html plus20.html plus21.html plus22.html 
	                 plus23.html plus24.html plus25.html plus26.html 
	                 plus27.html plus28.html plus29.html plus30.html 
	                 plus31.html policy.html porting.html ports.html 
	                 press.html products.html report.html 
	                 security.html smp.html sparc.html stable.html 
	                 support.html testimonials.html tshirts.html 
	                 users.html want.html why-cvs.html 

Log message:
make the OpenBSD logo on each page a link back to index.html; from
s_(_at_)_smith_(_dot_)_net, ok deraadt@