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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	art_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2001/08/25 04:13:30

Modified files:
	sys/arch/alpha/pci: pci_machdep.h 
	sys/arch/i386/conf: files.i386 
	sys/arch/i386/pci: pci_machdep.c pci_machdep.h 
	sys/arch/mvmeppc/pci: pci_machdep.h 
	sys/arch/powerpc/mac: if_gm.c 
	sys/arch/powerpc/pci: pci_machdep.h 
	sys/arch/sparc64/dev: pci_machdep.c 
	sys/arch/sparc64/include: pci_machdep.h 
	sys/dev/isa    : if_ed.c 
	sys/dev/pci    : aac_pci.c adv_pci.c adw_pci.c ahc_pci.c 
	                 ami_pci.c auich.c auvia.c cac_pci.c cmpci.c 
	                 cs4280.c cs4281.c cy_pci.c cz.c dpt_pci.c eap.c 
	                 eso.c fms.c gdt_pci.c hifn7751.c if_an_pci.c 
	                 if_dc_pci.c if_de.c if_en_pci.c if_ep_pci.c 
	                 if_fpa.c if_fxp_pci.c if_hme_pci.c if_le_pci.c 
	                 if_lmc_obsd.c if_ne_pci.c if_nge.c if_rl_pci.c 
	                 if_sf.c if_sis.c if_sk.c if_ste.c if_ti.c 
	                 if_tl.c if_tx.c if_txp.c if_vr.c if_wb.c 
	                 if_wi_pci.c if_wx.c if_xl_pci.c iha_pci.c 
	                 iop_pci.c ises.c isp_pci.c lofn.c maestro.c 
	                 ncr.c neo.c ohci_pci.c pccbb.c pciide.c pcscp.c 
	                 puc.c siop_pci_common.c sv.c tga.c twe_pci.c 
	                 ubsec.c uhci_pci.c yds.c 
	sys/dev/pci/bktr: bktr_os.c 

Log message:
Change pci_intr_map to take pci_attach_args as an argument.
All callers actually took all arguments to pci_intr_map from pci_attach_args
structs, so this simplifies code.
This also allows more complicated interrupt assignment schemes like the one
on sparc64.

This makes sparc64 pci interrupts work.

Inspired by the same change in NetBSD.

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