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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	niklas_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2001/07/04 04:44:14

Modified files:
	sys/compat/bsdos: Tag: SMP bsdos_syscall.h bsdos_syscallargs.h 
	                  bsdos_syscalls.c bsdos_sysent.c 
	sys/compat/common: Tag: SMP Makefile kern_info_09.c 
	                   kern_info_43.c kern_ipc_10.c kern_sig_43.c 
	                   vfs_syscalls_43.c vm_43.c 
	sys/compat/hpux: Tag: SMP hpux_net.c 
	sys/compat/ibcs2: Tag: SMP ibcs2_syscall.h ibcs2_syscallargs.h 
	                  ibcs2_syscalls.c ibcs2_sysent.c syscalls.conf 
	sys/compat/linux: Tag: SMP linux_cdrom.c linux_getcwd.c 
	                  linux_ioctl.h linux_ipc.c linux_sched.c 
	                  linux_socket.c linux_socket.h linux_termios.c 
	sys/compat/netbsd: Tag: SMP netbsd_getcwd.c netbsd_stat.c 
	                   netbsd_syscall.h netbsd_syscallargs.h 
	                   netbsd_syscalls.c netbsd_sysent.c 
	sys/compat/osf1: Tag: SMP osf1_descrip.c osf1_mmap.c 
	sys/compat/ossaudio: Tag: SMP ossaudio.c 
	sys/compat/sunos: Tag: SMP sunos_misc.c sunos_syscall.h 
	                  sunos_syscallargs.h sunos_syscalls.c 
	                  sunos_sysent.c syscalls.conf 
	sys/compat/svr4: Tag: SMP svr4_misc.c svr4_net.c svr4_syscall.h 
	                 svr4_syscallargs.h svr4_syscalls.c 
	                 svr4_sysent.c syscalls.conf 
	sys/compat/ultrix: Tag: SMP syscalls.conf ultrix_misc.c 
	                   ultrix_syscall.h ultrix_syscallargs.h 
	                   ultrix_syscalls.c ultrix_sysent.c 
	sys/conf       : Tag: SMP GENERIC files newvers.sh param.c 
	sys/crypto     : Tag: SMP blf.h crypto.c cryptosoft.c 
	                 cryptosoft.h rijndael.h skipjack.c skipjack.h 
	                 xform.c xform.h 
	sys/ddb        : Tag: SMP db_command.c db_command.h db_hangman.c 
	sys/dev        : Tag: SMP auconv.c auconv.h ccd.c ksyms.c 
	                 mulaw.c mulaw.h ramdisk.c rnd.c sequencer.c 
	sys/dev/ata    : Tag: SMP atareg.h atavar.h wd.c 
	sys/dev/atapiscsi: Tag: SMP atapiscsi.c 
	sys/dev/cardbus: Tag: SMP cardbus.c 
	sys/dev/ic     : Tag: SMP aac.c aacreg.h ac97.c ac97.h advlib.c 
	                 adw.c aic7xxx.c am7990.c am79c930reg.h ami.c 
	                 amireg.h amivar.h an.c anreg.h anvar.h awi.c 
	                 awireg.h bt463.c bt463reg.h bt463var.h bt485.c 
	                 bt485reg.h bt485var.h cac.c cy.c dc.c dcreg.h 
	                 dl10019.c dp8390.c elink3.c fxp.c fxpvar.h 
	                 i82365.c i82365var.h i82596.c i82596var.h 
	                 isp_openbsd.c mc146818reg.h midway.c 
	                 ncr5380sbc.c opl.c oplinstrs.c oplvar.h 
	                 pdq_ifsubr.c pdqvar.h rln.c rlnsubr.c rtl81x9.c 
	                 rtl81x9reg.h siop.c siop_common.c siopreg.h 
	                 siopvar_common.h smc91cxx.c smc91cxxreg.h 
	                 tropic.c twe.c twereg.h twevar.h vga.c vgavar.h 
	                 wdc.c wdcreg.h wdcvar.h xl.c 
	sys/dev/isa    : Tag: SMP aha.c ess_isapnp.c if_ed.c 
	                 if_ef_isapnp.c if_eg.c if_el.c if_ex.c if_fe.c 
	                 if_hp.c if_ie.c if_iy.c pas.c pnpdevs pnpdevs.h 
	sys/dev/mii    : Tag: SMP bmtphy.c bmtphyreg.h brgphyreg.h 
	                 files.mii icsphy.c mii.h mii_physubr.c miidevs 
	                 miidevs.h miivar.h sqphy.c ukphy.c xmphyreg.h 
	sys/dev/ofw    : Tag: SMP ofnet.c openfirm.h 
	sys/dev/pci    : Tag: SMP aac_pci.c adw_pci.c ahc_pci.c 
	                 ami_pci.c auich.c auvia.c cac_pci.c cmpci.c 
	                 cs4280.c cs4281.c cy_pci.c dpt_pci.c eap.c 
	                 eso.c files.pci fms.c gdt_pci.c hifn7751.c 
	                 hifn7751reg.h hifn7751var.h i82365_pci.c 
	                 if_an_pci.c if_de.c if_devar.h if_fxp_pci.c 
	                 if_lmc.c if_lmc_media.c if_lmc_obsd.c 
	                 if_lmcvar.h if_ne_pci.c if_sf.c if_sis.c 
	                 if_sk.c if_skreg.h if_ste.c if_ti.c if_tl.c 
	                 if_tx.c if_txp.c if_txpreg.h if_txvar.h if_vr.c 
	                 if_vrreg.h if_wb.c if_wbreg.h if_wx.c iha_pci.c 
	                 ises.c isesreg.h isesvar.h isp_pci.c maestro.c 
	                 ncr.c neo.c ohci_pci.c pccbb.c pccbbvar.h pci.c 
	                 pci_map.c pci_subr.c pcidevs pcidevs.h 
	                 pcidevs_data.h pciide.c pciidevar.h pcireg.h 
	                 pcivar.h pcscp.c puc.c pucdata.c 
	                 siop_pci_common.c tga.c twe_pci.c ubsec.c 
	                 ubsecreg.h ubsecvar.h uhci_pci.c vga_pci.c 
	sys/dev/pci/bktr: Tag: SMP bktr_os.c bktr_reg.h 
	sys/dev/pckbc  : Tag: SMP wskbdmap_mfii.c 
	sys/dev/pcmcia : Tag: SMP files.pcmcia if_awi_pcmcia.c if_cnw.c 
	                 if_ne_pcmcia.c if_ray.c if_rayreg.h if_xe.c 
	                 if_xereg.h pcmcia_cis_quirks.c pcmciadevs 
	                 pcmciadevs.h wdc_pcmcia.c 
	sys/dev/sun    : Tag: SMP kbd.c 
	sys/dev/tc     : Tag: SMP if_le_ioasic.c tcvar.h 
	sys/dev/usb    : Tag: SMP ezload.c ezload.h if_aue.c if_auereg.h 
	                 if_cue.c if_cuereg.h if_kue.c if_kuereg.h 
	                 if_upl.c ohci.c ohcivar.h uaudio.c uaudioreg.h 
	                 ucom.c ucomvar.h uftdi.c ugen.c uhci.c 
	                 uhcireg.h uhcivar.h uhid.c uhub.c ukbd.c 
	                 ukbdmap.c ulpt.c umass.c umodem.c ums.c usb.c 
	                 usb_port.h usb_quirks.c usb_quirks.h usbcdc.h 
	                 usbdi.c usbdi.h usbdivar.h uscanner.c 
	                 usscanner.c uvisor.c 
	sys/dev/wscons : Tag: SMP wsconsio.h wsdisplay.c 
	                 wsdisplay_compat_usl.c wsdisplayvar.h wskbd.c 
	                 wsksymdef.h wsmouse.c 
Removed files:
	sys/crypto     : Tag: SMP COPYRIGHT crypto.h mbuf.c 
	sys/dev/pci    : Tag: SMP cs4280_image.h neo-coeff.h ti_fw.h 
	sys/dev/pcmcia : Tag: SMP if_wavelan_ieee.h if_wi.c if_wireg.h 
	sys/dev/tc     : Tag: SMP asc.c asc_ioasic.c asc_tc.c ascvar.h 

Log message:
Merge in -current from two days ago in the SMP branch.
As usual with merges, they do not indicate progress, so do not hold
your breath for working SMP, and do not mail me and ask about the
state of it.  It has not changed.  There is work ongoing, but very, very
slowly.  The commit is done in parts as to not lock up the tree in too
big chunks at a time.