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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	beck_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2000/10/10 14:40:44

Added files:
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/mkhybrid: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/src: COPYING ChangeLog ChangeLog.mkhybrid 
	                           Makefile Makefile.in README 
	                           README.eltorito README.hfs_boot 
	                           README.hfs_magic README.mkhybrid 
	                           README.mkisofs README.session 
	                           README.win32 TODO acconfig.h apple.c 
	                           apple.h apple_driver.8 apple_driver.c 
	                           bsdconfig.h config.cache config.h 
	                           config.h.in config.log config.status 
	                           configure configure.in defaults.h 
	                           desktop.c eltorito.c exclude.c 
	                           exclude.h files.c fnmatch.c fnmatch.h 
	                           getopt.c getopt.h getopt1.c hash.c 
	                           hdisk.pl install-sh iso9660.h 
	                           joliet.c mac_label.c mac_label.h 
	                           mactypes.h magic make.com mapping 
	                           match.c match.h mkhybrid.8 
	                           mkhybrid_man.html mkisofs.8 mkisofs.c 
	                           mkisofs.h mkisofs.spec more.mapping 
	                           multi.c name.c rock.c tree.c vms.c 
	                           vms.h volume.c write.c 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/src/diag: Makefile Makefile.in README 
	                                dump.c isodump.c isoinfo.8 
	                                isoinfo.c isovfy.c 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/src/include: fctldefs.h mconfig.h 
	                                   prototyp.h statdefs.h 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/src/libfile: LEGAL.NOTICE Makefile README 
	                                   apprentice.c file.h lfile.c 
	                                   magic magic.5 patchlevel.h 
	gnu/usr.sbin/mkhybrid/src/libhfs_iso: Makefile README block.c 
	                                      block.h btree.c btree.h 
	                                      data.c data.h file.c 
	                                      file.h hfs.c hfs.h 
	                                      hybrid.h internal.h low.c 
	                                      low.h lvolume.c node.c 
	                                      node.h record.c record.h 

Log message:
mkhybrid 1.12b5.1

Note, this normally makes a "mkisofs" which is the same binary, mkisofs
from here needs to be tested out prior to replacing our existing mkisofs
with this. (currently just installs mkhybrid)