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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: ports

Module name:	ports
Changes by:	form_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2000/05/24 03:27:59

Log message:
    Hypermail is a program that takes a file of mail messages in UNIX mailbox
    format and generates a set of cross-referenced HTML documents. Each file that
    is created represents a separate message in the mail archive and contains
    links to other articles, so that the entire archive can be browsed in a
    number of ways by following links. Archives generated by Hypermail can be
    incrementally updated, and Hypermail is set by default to only update
    archives when changes are detected.
    Vendor Tag:	form
    Release Tags:	form_2000-May-24
    N ports/mail/hypermail/Makefile
    N ports/mail/hypermail/files/md5
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-src-Makefile.in
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-docs-Makefile.in
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-Makefile.in
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-docs-hmrc.4
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-docs-hypermail.1
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-src-date.c
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-src-parse.c
    N ports/mail/hypermail/patches/patch-src-parse.h
    N ports/mail/hypermail/pkg/COMMENT
    N ports/mail/hypermail/pkg/DESCR
    N ports/mail/hypermail/pkg/PLIST
    No conflicts created by this import

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