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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	millert_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2000/05/14 21:37:33

Modified files:
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/libsmdb: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/libsmutil: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/mail.local: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/mailstats: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/makemap: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/praliases: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/rmail: Makefile 
	gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/smrsh: Makefile 

Log message:
since Makefile.inc is included at the end, do ENVDEF+= there
and use ENVDEF= in the Makefile (this was reversed).  Also, pull
in the right Makefile.inc for things that don't get installed
in usr.sbin.