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CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Module name:	src
Changes by:	peter_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2000/01/11 11:02:24

Modified files:
	sys/dev/raidframe: rf_archs.h rf_chaindecluster.c rf_copyback.c 
	                   rf_dagdegrd.c rf_dagdegwr.c rf_dagffrd.c 
	                   rf_dagffwr.c rf_debugMem.c rf_desc.h 
	                   rf_diskqueue.c rf_diskqueue.h rf_disks.c 
	                   rf_driver.c rf_engine.c rf_evenodd.c 
	                   rf_evenodd_dagfuncs.c rf_fifo.c 
	                   rf_interdecluster.c rf_kintf.h 
	                   rf_netbsdkintf.c rf_openbsdkintf.c 
	                   rf_paritylog.c rf_paritylogDiskMgr.c 
	                   rf_paritylogging.c rf_parityloggingdags.c 
	                   rf_pq.c rf_pqdeg.c rf_psstatus.c rf_raid0.c 
	                   rf_raid1.c rf_raid4.c rf_raid5.c 
	                   rf_raid5_rotatedspare.c rf_reconstruct.c 
	                   rf_shutdown.c rf_sstf.c rf_states.c 
	                   rf_stripelocks.c rf_threadstuff.h rf_utils.c 
Removed files:
	sys/dev/raidframe: rf_cpuutil.c rf_cpuutil.h rf_diskthreads.h 
	                   rf_reconstub.c rf_threadid.h 

Log message:
sync with NetBSD

- removed threadid stuff
- removed unused files
- general tidyup
- you can no longer configure the same unit twice (without
de-configuring first of course).

Again, this has only been tested locally on IDE disks. Further testing
and feedback would be appreciated.

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