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Re: mail/nail

On 25 March 2006 at 11:01, bsd_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_rutgers_(_dot_)_edu wrote:

> Nail was recently merged into the heirloom project and has been
> renamed to mailx.  Now, base already has mailx of course, so I'm left 
> to wonder how best to update the port (gmailx, as in gmake, looks 
> horrible!).
> Should I:
> - create a new 'mail/mailx' port and we just delete mail/nail
> or
> - update mail/nail to use the new distfile
> If I do the latter, should the port install it as LOCALBASE/bin/mailx 
> or nail?
> Thanks in advance.

Okay, no one responded so I made a new port called mail/mailx.  Because 
the author decided not to rename every component (like the rc file),
some bits are still named nail.  Grumble.

This port is essentially nail-12.0, only it's called mailx and the 
relevent stuff is updated.  It installs a symlink called nail as the
author suggests.

Comments welcome, commit welcome too  =)