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Re: net/centericq port update to 4.21.0

>> >MSN support is disabled now, because it needs
>> gcc 3.4, believe me. Otherwise, it just segfaults.
>> Even with the patch from
>> http://centericq.de/archive/contrib/patches/centericq-4.21.0.msn.patch

PV> I have tried to fix this but failed; unfortunately the author has failed
PV> to take it seriously as well.

PV> This update also suffers from the fact that it does not detect the
PV> installed libiconv/libintl (which is listed as dependency) and builds
PV> its own copy - that must be fixed.

I tried to fix configure thus it could find installed libiconv and
libintl. It's still not fixed. But centericq works using it's own
copies. I think we can update port to 4.21.0 without MSN support. I'm
using centericq build such way and I don't have any problems. I have
LC_ALL LANG and MM_CHARSET variables which are set to ru_RU.KOI8-R and
everything is displayed correctly.

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:rbsda_(_dot_)_dis_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com