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Re: Erlang update to R10B-10 + added manpages and HTML docs

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 05:03:58PM +0200, steven mestdagh wrote:
> Jon Olsson [2006-03-27, 16:24:33]:
> > +DOC_DIR=	${PREFIX}/lib/erlang
> we usually install docs under ${PREFIX}/share/doc, is there a reason why
> this cannot be done here?

This is "the erlang way" and it uses these directories for various internal applications.  T, so I'd say no to moving it do ${PREFIX}/share/doc. The man 
pages are not really man pages per se, it just uses the man format 
for documentation (usage is: erl -man inet).

> btw i noticed in the build log that some parts are being built with the
> -O3 flag which we try to avoid in general. so maybe you can get rid of
> that and try to honor CFLAGS.

Sure, I can look into that.


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