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Re: KDE: ark

Am Dienstag, 21. März 2006 14:50 schrieb Alf Schlichting:
> Hello!
> The following diff makes the ark archiver from kdeutils3 use gtar instead
> of OpenBSDs native tar(1).
> With our native tar(1) ark errors out because arks wants to use some
> GNU-extensions. While it would be possible to fix ark to use the native
> tar(1), i think it makes more sense to default to GNU-tar. The user should
> not need to care about the underlying OS when using KDE.
> Alf
Ok, i looked a little closer.
1) our tar doesn't have -k
2) pax does have -k but not -C
3) KProcess uses execve: we can't use constructs like bunzip2 -c file | pax -r
to circumvent --use-compress-program etc.

>From the TODO:
For KDE 4.0:
- Use KArchive to handle archives

So i vote for gtar here (and hope for KDE 4.0;) 

Warning: I don't know c++ or qt3 or the KDE-internals so my conclusions may
be wrong. 


--- ark/ark.kcfg.orig	Sat Sep 10 10:21:35 2005
+++ ark/ark.kcfg	Sat Mar 25 17:23:32 2006
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
 		<entry name="TarExe" type="String">
 			<label>Tar Command</label>
-			<default>tar</default>
+			<default>gtar</default>
 		<entry name="OpenDestinationFolder" type="Bool">
 			<label>Open destination folder after extraction</label>