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new: multimedia/bsdav

The bsdav package is a set of programs for audio and video reading and
writing.  The programs use BSD native devices and the source code is
free-as-in-BSD licensed as well.

The bsdav package also includes a general purpose library, libbsdav, for
both accessing audio(4) and bktr(4) devices, and simple data operations.

While one of the goals of the bsdav project is simplicity, another goal
is to make A/V processing on *BSD systems "easily" accessible.  So to
ease the storage and synchronization of both audio and video streams,
bsdav has it's own, very simple, A/V container format.

Hopefully the bsdav programs are written understandably and correclty
enough that they may help others understand how to use audio(4) and

bsdav consists of:

    audiorec - record raw audio streams from audio(4) to file
    bktrrec - record raw video streams from bktr(4) to file
    avplay - play raw audio and/or raw video streams
    bktrplay - display video from bktr(4) via Xv(3X)
    tunerctl - manipulate bktr(4) tuner devices
    bsdavrec - records audio and/or video in bsdav(5) streams
    bsdavplay - play audio and/or video in bsdav(5) streams
    bsdavdemux - extract audio and/or video from bsdav(5) streams
    btv - shell script frontend for the above programs
    libbsdav - general purpose *BSD A/V library

port tarball attached and at

please review/test/comment and give me OKs!


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