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Re: NEW: audio/mpd, audio/mpc, audio/ncmpc

On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 07:14:22PM +0100, Henrik Enberg wrote:
> Tobias Ulmer <tobiasu_(_at_)_tmux_(_dot_)_org> writes:
> > Three ports for the price of one ;)
> They work just fine for me on i386.  I've been using locally compiled
> versions of all 3 for a long time, and that's alwas a bit of extra work,
> so I welcome packages.
> Maybe it'd be nice to create an _mpd user to run under and keep the db,
> logs and state in /var though?  Right now I just run mpd as my normal
> user, which works fine for my situation, but machines used by several
> people might benefit.

Hi Henrik,

if have thought about this option, but I don't want to mess with the base
system to much (yet). Since there will be only a small number of users
that run this software in a  multi user environment, my opinion is it's
better to optimize for single users and provide defaults that are useful
for the "masses".

Anyway thanks for your suggestions and report. I maybe will try to play
with this a bit and look into the postfix port how it's done.


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