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Re: RT 3.4.5 - perl updates

Hm, I replied to this earlier, but gmane seems to have eaten it.

steven mestdagh <steven_(_dot_)_mestdagh_(_at_)_esat_(_dot_)_kuleuven_(_dot_)_be> writes:

> Do you want to maintain all these new ports? Please fill in the
> MAINTAINER variable. (maybe also the ports you updated, ask the current
> maintainers about it). If you are making changes to packages (like
> dependencies), bump PKGNAME, i.e. add p0, or p0 becomes p1, etc.

I wouldn't mind maintaining these at all.  I've been using
OpenBSD for around 8 years and don't plan on abandoning it any
time soon.

However, it seems like there are a few people who maintain most
of the perl ports -- I'm not sure if that's out of desire or

Thanks for the tips.  I mostly wanted some eyes to look over
what I've tried, and let me know if I'm on the right track.


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