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Re: update: erlang

Le 05/03/06 à 12:04, Nikolay Sturm a écrit :
> Hi,


> a little too late for 3.9, but here is a seemingly working update of
> erlang to otp_src_R10B-9, based on a submission to ports@ some time
> ago.
> If anyone could test this to make sure it actually does something
> useful, I'd appreciate it. Be sure to remove any object dir before
> testing.

It compile without error on 3.8 stable (sparc64). 
The erlang port was updated to current so the patch can be applied fine
(Makefile part of the patch was rejected with 3.8 release port tree).

It take 7.5 hours to compile on my Ultra1 @200Mhz.

erl don't core dump anymore and ejabberd now compile and run, thanks!

I'll try to compile it on the latest hppa snapshot.

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