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Problem with pkg_add

I try to submit this to misc mailing list but i think that was the 
wrong list
so now I try this:

now i try also with Lynx and i can 
download from my web server the pkgs 
but the pkg_add don't work, 
can I debug ??

>I installed OpeBSD 3.8 in a server beyond a 
company's firewall, so i can't
>use internet's server a source of my 
>I downloaded the packages and now they are accessible by a 
server FTP and
>a Http server
>that use the ports 998 and 999.
Iexplore or Mozilla now I see the list of packages in my internal 
>but when I try
>to use the pkg_add it can't  find the files.
>I try to use the new Method

#> export  PKG_PATH= ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx:
#> pkg_add -v <pkg name>

>the method more simple

#> pkg_add -v ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx:998/<DIR WITH PKGS>/<pkg name>

old method

#> export  PKG_PATH= ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx:998/<DIR WITH PKGS>/
#> pkg_add ${PKG_PATH}<pkg name>

>all this method don't work

have some idea ??
>How can try to debug what's the problem ???

try with ftp client and with pipe >get <pkg_name> "| pkg_add -v -"
seems to work fine but when try to get dependency pkg_add prompt 
can't find file

>Did you think i have some system 
parameter to set up ???

>PS with 3.7 all work fine, both platform i386 
and sparc

Thanks for all