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Re: pkg_add in feb 15 current

On Fri, Mar 03, 2006 at 08:09:55AM +0100, steven mestdagh wrote:
> yes, it's a misbehaving ftp server, there is one here as well. those
> lines should start with '220'. any strange output is displayed to stderr.

There is actually a way to fix it, but it requires a lot of redesign in
this area, and thus, I haven't done it yet, especially because it might
break other stuff.

The idea is for the error handling module to be much more aware of how
the ftp feed is coping with our demands. Specifically, we never need to
display messages unless they're explicit errors, or if the ftp server
doesn't give us the stuff we ask for. So, empty lists, non existent packages
that should be there are valid errors.

The rest should mostly just vanish...

In the meantime, yeah, ask the ftp maintainers to fix their shit. It's not
a BBS.