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Re: pkg_add in feb 15 current

On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 08:53:11PM +0100, frantisek holop wrote:
> you didn't get my mail Peter...
> > > amaaq> sudo pkg_add teTeX-base
> > > Error from http://openbsd.cz/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/:
> > > Successfully retrieved file.
> > > Can't resolve teTeX-base
> > > 
> > > (a simple typo. s/-base/_base/)
> > 
> > And how do you expect it to know that?  It would be like
> > asking for Coke in a restaurant, and being given Pepsi
> > (or anything else) without a warning.  That's evil.
> it's not about the typo, i put the typo there so i get
> the error message.
> so what's ambigious to me?
> the frist line says: "Error"
> the second lines says: "Successfully"
> the third line says: "Can't"
> that is like seeing a windows dialog box, frankly:
> makes no sense to me.
> i was trying to tell Marc to make the error messages
> a bit more easier to understand.

Two things: the code to get ftp to display shit has been in for about
five months now... and you report this issue only now ?

Yes, it's obvious the `Succesfully retrieved file' is a GOOD message,
but not one I get from `usual' ftp servers.

The idea here is that I want to see some ftp messages, but not all of
them, so that I can figure out what's going on.

This is not perfect yet for two reasons:
- the heuristics that decide WHEN to show the messages lack some information.
This will be revisited after 3.9.
- no-one except you reported `interesting' error messages like this...

-> poor testing. What can I do ?

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