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Re: Gnumeric 1.4.3p0

No this sounds like there is something wrong.. even on my Zaurus I get full
Gnumeric and a full toolbar.

How did you install it? Did you download the tarball and run pkg_add locally
or did you install it passing a URL to a package feed location?

Did you have to specify other flags to get it installed?

It does sound like there may be some dependencies missing somehow but
pulling the package from a feed should pull the dependencies too.

- Andy

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Subject: Gnumeric 1.4.3p0

I just installed gnumeric 1.4.3p0 for OpenBSD 3.8.
There are only 3 buttons in the gnumeric toolbar (x,phone,=),
There are no other buttons displayed, including no help button.
Did I get the entire package installed?

Dave Feustel

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