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Re: telephony/asterisk 1.0.9 => 1.2.2

On Thu, Jan 26, 2006 at 06:36:17PM +0000, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> On 2006/01/26 17:49, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> > Updated, builds, test make and receive SIP calls (alaw<>gsm) and ivr
> > on i386. I'm building it on my netra now, if it doesn't work there I'll
> > post back this evening.
> Sorry for the extra noise: I just spotted some -O3 for sparc64 in the
> Makefiles which I've now fixed. Should -mcpu=v8 also go or is that less
> likely to be a problem?

Please remove that too.

> ime from a linux asterisk box I admin, 1.2 has been a lot less trouble
> than 1.0 - I'm planning to look at sipx when I have time though.

Good to hear, I haven't played with 1.2 at all yet.

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