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Re: New: moc

On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 01:57:16PM +0100, Tilo Stritzky wrote:
> Moc is a console audio player, not unlike cplay though somewhat flashier.
> I've tested this on i386 3.8 release with the ogg-vorbis, wav and mp3
> codecs.
> The port uses INT8_MIN and friends which are not defined on OpenBSD so
> I took i386/int_limits.h from NetBSD.
> I'm not sure this is portable. Any ideas how to get this fixed?
> Google found me this:
> http://www.azillionmonkeys.com/qed/pstdint.h
> comments?

INT8_MIN is defined in -current.

actually, the new release, 2.3.3 doesn't need any patches (although the
port should definitely have USE_LIBTOOL so the plugins don't get version

nice work Tilo!


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