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any erlang ports? (otp r10bX)

i was wondering if anyone would know of a newer erlang port then that residing in ports.  even the current port segfaults when you try executing erl (tried on 2 generic 3.8-stable machines) (same goes for the package as well)

i cant find 47.7.0 on the erlang site at all,  which is whats in ports (and oddly enough updated nov 2005.)  the only thing they show is opt-R10b-9 and below.  maybe this is a licensing issue i dont know. :x  im still rather new to attempting to write my own port, and just trying to install otp r10b-9 manually crashes on `make install` when trying to install/create man pages.

im gonna look at freebsd's port later on this week if i can find time.  would anyone be able to shed light on this :x

- Zachery Hostes