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A lot of ports have been converted. libtool now sports an OpenBSD-specific
patch that makes SHARED_LIBS `just work'.

Specifically, if a port sets USE_LIBTOOL and SHARED_LIBS, in -current,
it should `just do the right thing'.

There is still one big unsettled issue, that even Brad's update of libtool
to 1.5.22 does not solve: libtool will prefer libraries already installed
under /usr/local to the currently built copy.

The libtool guys have taken steps to remedy that fact, but those steps do
not work at all (I wonder if it was even tested, which is kind of weird
considering 1.5 is supposed to be a stable branch): specifically, there's
no way an absolute path (as in not_instpath) can match a relative path
(as in deplibs)...

We will probably end up solving that locally. Baring that, currently, this
requires deinstalling stuff in case of major bumps to rebuild ports.

Binary packages (which you should prefer anyways) are of course not

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