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Re: Python 2.4.2 for AMD64 OpenBSD 3.8?

Nikolay Sturm wrote:

* Pekka Niiranen [2005-12-25]:
[-current ports tree on -stable base]

If so, what is the procedure to get around it?

There is no such procedure.

How can I compile Python then? I tried to just

Why don't you just use the 3.8 ports tree?

Because the Python version there was 2.4.1

remove @pkgpath line from PKLIST, but compilation
failed for another reasons.

If you don't know how to deal with this stuff, that is enough of a sign
to not mess with it.

Wrong. Some are willing to try against the odds. OpenBSD's (and Linuxes) installation base would be considerable smaller, if reading manuals before installations were compulsionary. Besides, what's wrong with hacking?

Where should I look for to find out what has been
done in ports tree version of Python 2.4.2 source
to make in compilable in v3.8.

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