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Re: Python 2.4.2 for AMD64 OpenBSD 3.8?

steven mestdagh wrote:
On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 06:59:01PM +0200, Pekka Niiranen wrote:


has anybody managed to build Python 2.4.2 from
ports created in 24/12/2005? Mine tries to
install Berkeley db which fails for
@pkgpath in db's file PKLIST:

"Unknown element: pkgpath" etc...

I am using official v3.8.

Building Berkeley from sources succeeds
but building Python does not.

yes, so @pkgpath was added after 3.8.  using current ports on release
versions is not supported.  see FAQ 15.4.1.

Disclaimer: http://www.kuleuven.be/cwis/email_disclaimer.htm


If so, what is the procedure to get around it?
How can I compile Python then? I tried to just
remove @pkgpath line from PKLIST, but compilation
failed for another reasons.

Where should I look for to find out what has been
done in ports tree version of Python 2.4.2 source
to make in compilable in v3.8.