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Re: UPDATE: mozilla-firefox-1.5

On Tue, Dec 20, 2005 at 11:41:23AM -0500, Kurt Miller wrote:
> On Monday 19 December 2005 05:15 pm, Ian Darwin wrote:
> > >In general it seems fine except for crashing out with Signal 11 when
> > >printing. The file/printout is completed but Firefox exits.
> >
> > I'm seeing this now too. I'm using cups from ports rather than the
> > built-in lpr.
> > Andy, what print service are you using?
> Thanks for the report. FT_Done_Face was being called twice on the same 
> mFace. I have a fix for it but nowhere to committ it too. :(
> Isn't it time firefox 1.5 got committed already? Why are people holding 
> back their okays!?

I thought there was more work to do or something.  Please commit 1.5

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