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Re: mplayer-1.0pre7p5

Jacob Meuser <jakemsr <at> jakemsr.com> writes:
> > >Is anybody else experiencing choppy/flickery/slowy mplayer performance?
> yes.  amd64, Radeon 9200 SE.

Seeing as you're the only person who's replied and you obviously
know what you're doing I'll go ahead and file this as a bug in
mplayer. If you want I can send you the Bugzilla link, it would
probably help a lot if you could give your input.

> well, I only experience consistent, rhythmic choppiness.  is the
> choppiness you see consistent and rhythmic or random and sporadic?

Well I would call it more "constant". The audio is OK and seems
somewhat in sync with the video but (on DVDs and other large videos)
the image tears and flickers like crazy. Bugs like this suck because
there's no way of demonstrating them short of getting a camcorder
and pointing it at the screen.

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