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NEW: math/p5-AI-Categorizer (and friends)


here's a new port and it's build/run dependencies. It works fine on i386.
Ports are attached, please test and comment.


p5-AI-Categorizer/pkg/DESCR: "AI::Categorizer is a framework for automatic
text categorization. It consists of a collection of Perl modules that
implement common categorization tasks, and a set of defined relationships
among those modules. The various details are flexible - for example, you
can choos what categorization algorithm to use, what features (words or
otherwise) of the documents should be used (or how to automatically choose
these features), what format the documents are in, and so on."


p5-Algorithm-NaiveBayes/pkg/DESCR: "This module implements the classic
"Naive Bayes" machine learning algorithm. It is a well-studied
probabilistic algorithm often used in automatic text categorization.
Compared to other algorithms (kNN, SVM, Decision Trees), it's pretty fast
and reasonably competitive in the quality of its results."


p5-Statistics-Contigency/pkg/DESCR: "The Statistics::Contingency class
helps you calculate several useful statistical measures based on 2x2
"contingency tables". I use these measures to help judge the results of
automatic text categorization experiments, but they are useful in other
situations as well.

The general usage flow is to tally a whole bunch of results in the
Statistics::Contingency object, then query that object to obtain the
measures you are interested in. When all results have been collected,
you can get a report on accuracy, precision, recall, F1, and so on, with
both macro-averaging and micro-averaging over categories."



"Security is decided by quality" -- Theo de Raadt

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