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NEW: mail/recvmail

recvmail-0.9     - recieve electronic mail

Recvmail is a simple and secure mail server for recieving incoming mail.
It is best used in combination with Sendmail.


    * Runs in a completely unprivileged chroot(1) jail
    * System calls are restricted by systrace(1)
    * Stealth mode prevents information disclosure
    * No configuration needed
    * Direct delivery to Maildirs
    * Efficient use of disk storage and memory
    * Virtual accounts

Project home page:


Tarball of /usr/ports/mail/recvmail:


Binary packages for OpenBSD/{i386,sparc64,amd64} and Linux/i386:


Release announcement:

I am happy to announce the release of recvmail, a mailserver designed for OpenBSD but portable to other
Unixen. It runs alongside the default installation of sendmail and recieves incoming mail for virtual
accounts in a secure manner. While other MTAs are complex and bloated, running 60,000 lines or more, my
mailserver is mere 1,500 lines of well commented, readable code, and I hope you find it an interesting and
useful addition to the OpenBSD ports collection.

  - Mark Heily <devel_(_at_)_heily_(_dot_)_com>