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Re: NEW: jamvm-1.4.0+classpath-0.19 for i386

On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 10:50:12PM -0500, Frederick C Druseikis wrote:
> Greetings,
> Ports for JamVM and GNU Classpath (tested on i386) are available on:
>   http://druseikis.com/OpenBSD/ports/classpath-0.19-port-20051127.tar.gz
>   http://druseikis.com/OpenBSD/ports/jamvm-1.4.0-port-20051127.tar.gz
>   http://druseikis.com/OpenBSD/ports/freetype2-port-20051127.tar.gz

just looking at classpath for the moment.

use the freetype from X.  the pkgconfig file for this is
${X11BASE}/lib/pkgconfig/xft.pc.  you will have to patch configure
to make pkg-config look for xft instead of freetype2, and add
${X11BASE}/lib/pkgconfig to PKG_CONFIG_PATH in CONFIGURE_ENV.

please look at LOCALBASE and X11BASE in bsd.port.mk(5).  do
not hardcode '/usr/local' or '/usr/X11R6' into a port.

why are you specifying AUTOMAKE_VERSION and AUTOCONF_VERSION
if you aren't using automake or autoconf?

the way you specified BUILD_DEPENDS, you will be stuck depending
on specific versions of these packages, even if new ones go
into the ports tree.  you should not specify the actual package
name in packages-specs for BUILD_DEPENDS.

wouldn't java be a more appropriate category than devel?

as far as the version numbers for the modules, tell the classpath
developers to look into using the -avoid-version libtool flag.
if they are hardcoding unversioned module names, they should be
using this to build the modules.

and some general stuffs:

please roll port tarballs from at most 1 directory above the actual

port directories do not have version numbers.  sometimes there
may be foo/bar and foo/bar2 or some such, but those only exist if
there is good reason to have two "generations" of a package in
the ports tree.