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NEW: jamvm-1.4.0+classpath-0.19 for i386


Ports for JamVM and GNU Classpath (tested on i386) are available on:



(1) Freetype2 is a dependency for Classpath-0.19.  Install it first. The Freetype2 port does not include the freetype documentation nor does it make any effort to be consistent with the exiting freetype 1.x port.  More work needed here -- comments and suggestions welcome.

(2) Install Classpath next; it has dependencies for other obsd packages and their ports.  The Java code is compiled with Jikes.

(3) This GNU Classpath port has a minor build problem with it: namely, soft links to shared libs need to be created to satisfy JNI declarations.  These are in the makefile.  I do the build this way:

cd /usr/ports/mystuff/classpath-0.19
sudo make build fake post-fake install

(The post-fake target is mine.  The Fake Framework doc explains the special cases, but none of the things I tried seem to work.  I could patch classpath's makefiles to construct the links to the shared libs but have been trying to avoid that; Suggestions welcome here too.)

(4) Install JamVM last; the port assumes you will be installing classpath; glibj.zip will be found without mentioning it on the CLASSPATH environment var or with -classpath flag.

(5) JamVM has powerpc, arm, X86_64 support, which I have not tested.  It might work! (The interpreter has been run on linux an darwin on these archs.) JamVM is supposed to be 64-bit clean.  It uses posix threads.

(6) You must specify -classpath /usr/local/share/classpath/glibj.zip explicitly on Jikes compiles (along with any other build dependencies on your CLASSPATH.)

(7) The JamVM port has a patch to correct a GC bug that will be fixed in JamVM 1.4.1; this is needed to run serious apps.

I have run ant-1.6.5 with it using the binary from apache.org -- not the apache-ant obsd port, which tries to bring in Sun Java 1.3 :P

Comments and suggestions welcome!


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