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Re: Request for new port: vifm

Hello ports@ again,

sorry for answering my own mail, but I did some more research:

To make vifm compile you just have to install automake >1.7 (I used 1.9) change
the links in vifm/ to point to

The "patch" I posted before has to be used (still don't know why, older version
of ncurses on openbsd?).

I found about about more niffty features, one is that you can define default
programs for every file type, so vifm will use those programms to open them.

As I said EVERYBODY working with VI[M] and many files should have a look at it,
the ease of use is just impressive.

Since I didn't get any reply so far what could I do to get it adopted as an
official port?

Btw, it works (at least) on:
(not on hppa and vax (there is no new enough autoconf :))


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