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Re: centericq

hmm, on Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 12:08:49PM -0700, Peter Valchev said that
> > i've just upgraded my production server to 3.8
> > and i see now, that centericq is marked broken..
> > 
> > until the issue is fixed, could the old version be put back?
> why don't you ask the author to fix it for example?
> the old version had more than one issue and that's not going
> to change.  you can remove the BROKEN line and you're on your
> own...

what is the problem with the new version?  i can't find anything
in the archives except that one case.

so i did a compile of the 4.9.11p0, i was using 4.9.11 before.
it was acting strangely..  some of my contacts just wouldn't
open with their history.

so, i downloaded the newest, compiled with --without-msn (no curl here)
and so far it's good.  what's the issue i should be looking for?

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