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[NEW] x11/rxvt-unicode

I made a rxvt-unicode port, which is a rxvt clone. It's main feature
isn't usable yet since OpenBSD doesn't support locales, but you can
make use of the other improvements.

The configure.in seemed very ugly and buggy. For example, there was a
check for stdint.h and a check for utmp. In the utmp check, stdint.h
was included, even if it wasn't available, which caused the utmp check
to always fail on OpenBSD. I fixed it in the configure script instead of
the configure.in file because it's very painful to let the port run
aclocal + autoconf since the autoconf stuff is in another sub directory.
I'll send a patch to the author later.

Also, it seems that rxvt-unicode needs gmake, unline rxvt.
Port attached.


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