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Re: makeg install wont work for ports

>> Nikolay:
>> In the ports tree use 'env COPTS=-g make' instead. But again, it
>We actually prefer DEBUG=-g, that way many ports do not strip their
>binaries at install time.

Well thanks for the answers.
So I've a change-request (or two):

Please enable the possibility to build a software with
debug-informations (overwrite the settings of the Port-Makefile if
needed). Because it nerves to get the Src and apply maybe some needed
patches from the Ports to make a src compile fine to analyse/debug the
binary. :-/

(Hopefully I didn't missunderstood Nikolay)

And another request: Filter makeg if possible. It's useless for the
Ports and it confused me a littlebit.

But thanks for the answers! :-)

Kind regards,