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proposed patch to mention WANTLIB in Makefile.template


the attached patch makes Makefile.template mention WANTLIB.

The place I used is below PERMIT_*, where most ports seem to put it. I've also added a blank line between PERMIT_* and WANTLIB, something that most ports don't do (mine included, I was following examples at the time.) It doesn't make that much sense to me to have it tucked closely to PERMIT_*, so I figured that new ports based on the template should have it in a more prominent position.

--- Makefile.template.orig	Wed Nov  9 12:18:04 2005
+++ Makefile.template	Wed Nov  9 12:23:10 2005
@@ -49,6 +49,11 @@
 #PERMIT_DISTFILES_FTP=	Yes | "Reason if No"
+# Libraries not mentioned below in LIB_DEPENDS but linked against by this
+# port, e.g. those in the base system or dependencies-of-dependencies, must
+# be registered in WANTLIB.
+#WANTLIB=		???
 # where the source files and patches can be fetched

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