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Re: New ports tree feature

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 02:24:48 +0100
viq <viq_(_at_)_poczta_(_dot_)_fm> wrote:

> gotta love how things work :) true, that will get broken on ports
> installed with flavors, but i just did this one-liner:
> for i in `/usr/ports/infrastructure/build/out-of-date | cut -d" " -
> f1` ; do cd /usr/ports/$1 ; make update clean; done

this is not working here as expected, with current from yesterday - ends
up in an endless dependencies loop (because some libs fail to upgrade).

any other hints for upgrading all installed ports?
i have a shell script which gets all installed ports into a list -
removes them all and reinstall them again.
but i believe there must be some easier upgrade strategy.
i thought about running a complete build to have all packages, and then
use pkg_add -r -u, but the bulk build takes so much time...

whats the (best) suggested way to upgrade only installed and outdated 
ports if i run from current to current...?