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Re: RFC changes in version numbering schemes

Marc Matteo [Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 08:28:00PM -0800] wrote:
>How about something that RPM does (or used to do, it's been a while)  
>is use an *internal* version number in cases like this.  It's  
>basically the same thing as the v* idea only it's hidden in the  
>So in the gcc case instead of v0 gcc-3.3.6 would get "VINDEX=0" in  
>it's Makefile.
So you have to put this "VINDEX" into the package...
>This would have the same effect as the v* number but the end user  
>wouldn't be faced with a potentially freakish gcc-3.3.6v0p3.
... but then you have to completely download each package to look inside. 
That'll waste a lot of bandwidth for just looking inside and decide if 
this package is newer than the installed one.