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Re: RFC changes in version numbering schemes

As a 'user' I would like a way to tell easily if a package is for 3.7,
3.8, or current, especially when someone else was supposed to have
upgraded a server.  However, I wouldn't like it to have to be a part of
the Makefile as that would be a PAIN to update.  So if when packing, it
could look at something and figure out which version it was being
packaged on and tack that on the end:




Maybe only tack it on for a release and leave it off for -current?  

($serial, $release) = $package =~ /p(\d+)-?(\d+\.\d)?$/;

if ($release ne $current_os_release) { 
  die "Package ($package) is not for this release of OpenBSD!";

I am just saying how it would be nice for me as a user, so take that as
having very little bearing on how it ends up.

Human readable, date based serials would be nice as that is something
easy to recognize and compare.  If the serial was human readable, I
don't think there would be a need for the p* numbers as with the serial,
you would know which was newer.  The vendor version would not have any
impact on the package version which would be nice.

I believe this would simplify the versioning and also make is easier to
see what people actually have installed based on the output from

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